CiderWorld'20 Frankfurt Cider Fair

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CiderWorld '20 Frankfurt Cider Fair is one of the most important international platforms for the presentation, tasting and sale of Apfelwein, Cider, Cidre, Most, Sidra, Sidro, Cydr & Co. worldwide and regionally. Producers, wholesellers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, representatives of the trade press and interested consumers from Hesse, Germany and around the world meet here. CiderWorld is the perfect stage for cider makers and their products to inspire important target groups.

Program & Tickets

Saturday, August 15th, 2020

12.00 Presentation CiderWorld'20 Awards

13.30 Tasting for professionals & presse

Sunday, August 16th, 2020

11.00 Tasting for professionals & presse

13.00 Public tasting

CiderWorld'20 Award

The CiderWorld Award is organized in coperation with the University of Applie Sciences in Geisenheim. Submitted samples will be analyzed in the laboratory of this university and tasted by an international expert jury. This goes hand in hand with an independent and precise expertise, which can be best used for the marketing and developement of your products.

The results will be presented during the CiderWorld'20 Frankfurt Cider Fair in an exclusive setting.


The evaluation criteria and categories are defined by the international expert jury. Country specific characteristics of the products are discussed.

The sensory examination is evaluated according to the CiderWorld-120-points-scheme.

  • 109 - 120 points = gold
  • 97 - 108 points = silver
  • 80 - 96 points = took part

Special award for the best result in the category:

  • CiderWorld Medal 2020


  • Cider, still
    Apfelwein | Cydr | Most | Sidra | Sidro | Viez
  • Cider, sparkling
    Cidre | Sidra espumosa | sidro spumante | sparkling cider
    Traditional method | Charmat method
  • Cider, flavored
    with beeries, hop, spices etc.
    Cider, blended with other fruits
    with quince, pear, cherry etc.
    Fruit wine
    of quince, pear, cherry etc.
  • Ice cider (cryoextraction)
    Appel dessert wine Sherry- or Port style
    Fruit dessert wines


  • Prof. Dr. Frank Will (Chairman)
    Geisenheim University | Germany
  • Claude Jolicoeur
    Cider Author | Québec | Canada
  • Banou Khamzina
    Cider Sommelière | Québec | Canada
  • Torben Toldam-Anderson
    Associate Professor | Section for Crop Sciences | University of Copenhagen | Denmark
  • Gabe Cook
    The Ciderologist | England
  • Susanna Forbes
    Drink Britain & Little Pomona | England
  • Peter Mitchell
    Cider & Perry Academy | England
  • Tom Oliver
    Oliver's Cider & Perry | England
  • Mark Gleonec
    Cidref | AOP Cornouaille | Bretagne | France
  • Agurtzane Andueza Otaegi
    Basque Country | Spain
  • Joxe Mari Alberro
    Sagardoaren Lurraldea | Basque Country | Spain
  • Haritz Rodriguez
    Ciderzale | Basque Country | Spain
  • Eduardo Vázquez Coto
    Guerrilla Imports | Asturias | Spain
  • Darlene Hayes
    All into cider | U.S.A.
  • Jens Becker
    Apfelweinhandlung JB | Germany
  • Jonas Burkhardt
    Geisenheim Uniserity | Germany
  • Markus Erb
    Wine Academic | Germany
  • Jens Heinemeyer
    Grapeworker | Germany
  • Klaus-Dieter Kneip
    former CEO Rapp's Kelterei | Germany
  • Anja Rheinberger
    Geisenheim University | Germany
  • Robert Theobald
    Owner Apfelweinwirt Zur Buchscheer | Germany
  • Dieter Walz
    Distiller & cider producer | Germany
  • Gaby Wehle
    Sommelière | Germany
  • Meinhard Wicht
    ProBierKult | Germany
  • Frank Winkler
    Owner Daheim im Lorsbacher Thal | Germany
  • Natalia Wszelaki
    Blog Cider Explorer | Germany


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